New Soft Shell Crab Arrivals!

In May and June we are finally expecting new arrivals of our Soft Shell Crab. Due to Covid-19 staff challenges, poor raw material supply and high demand from Asia and the USA, the production was experiencing big delays.

As you know, we only source the best Soft Shell Crab available which is the Mud Crab (Scylla Serrata). We have exclusively worked with a top packer in Thailand for the freshest high quality crabs for several years now. In addition, we have started a new collaboration with another packer to meet the high demand of our customers for this beautiful product. This packer is located in Myanmar and offers the same high quality Scylla serrata which they mainly sell to top customers in Japan and Singapore. These crabs are farmed in a natural and unpolluted environment where no antibiotics are used. Both our packers use natural moulting as a farming process which gives the crabs a premium consistency of flesh and taste.

We currently only have limited stocks available, but we are expecting new arrivals from both packers in the upcoming months of the following sizes: medium, hotel, prime and jumbo.

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