New volumes of sushi ebi arriving end of July

Since the beginning of the corona crisis it has been very difficult to receive all the quantities of the sushi ebi which we use for our processors, wholesalers and sushi shops. However we have managed to buy some good quantities at the right time and the next containers will be available end of July and second half of August. The products are ASC certified and have a nice color and excellent shrimp taste.

The sushi ebi is produced according to Japanese standards from the freshest shrimp and handled under the strictest hygienic care. The whole chain from larvae till end product is controlled by our packer. This results in an excellent and stable quality and size. Our main supply comes from Vietnam and Indonesia.

Ebi refers to a style of preparing shrimp in Japan, that means that they are split open from the bottom and laid out flat. Easy to use on Nigiri and ready to eat.

Did you know that Interseafish was the first in Europe to introduce sushi ebi from Asia?