Still cases of colored tuna with numerous health risks

To date there are still several coloring techniques used to enhance the appearance of tuna that is not suitable to be eaten raw and sold as sashimi quality. European Food Fraud investigations still uncover many cases in which there are illegal practices in the coloring of tuna.

Source: NPO, Keuringsdienst van Waarde
Hazardous and tainted tuna: treated vs. untreated

Health risks of colored tuna
E.g. Carbon-monoxide, nitrites and nitrates are used as treatment to change the color of tuna even though they are accompanied with several health risks for consumers. Also an histamine outbreak is likely to occur in the coloring process when the tuna is insufficiently cooled which may lead to food poisoning.

The consequence: market instability
Despite the fact that coloring tuna is illegal there are still many investigation uncovering practices proving that it is still happening. The consequence of these illegal practices is market instability as the treated tuna can be sold for a ridiculous low price without any consideration of the health risks involved. This causes multiple problems, not only for the entrepreneurs offering natural and untreated tuna but also for the consumers who, most of the time ignorant, consume the treated tuna.

100% natural and untreated tuna at Interseafish
As you know we only have 100% natural and untreated tuna in our assortment. We will always offer healthy, 100% natural tuna even though treated tuna constitutes an unfair competition in the market. Fortunately we notice that there are more and more clients unwilling to cooperate with these illegal practices. The requests for our real sashimi grade Superfrozen Tuna have therefore been remarkably increasing. The noticeable shift in the market for natural and untreated products that do not have imposing health risks is expected to become an even more pressing topic in the upcoming years.

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