The sustainable switch from fresh to (super) frozen

In Japan people have known for a long time that -60°C super frozen tuna is the best option and has the highest quality for raw consumption of sushi. It is purely natural and qualitatively no fresh fish can compete with this method and quality, whereby the tuna is frozen within a few hours after the catch at -60°C. Interseafish has been concerned about sustainability for many years and we are committed to ensure that our grandchildren can still enjoy this delicious fish. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, our top quality -60°C tuna is now also MSC certified. However, the durability of this product does not stop here. If you think about it, it is of course very crooked that fresh tuna is transported by plane, which does not increase the quality but it does makes fresh tuna a more expensive and less sustainable option. Fortunately, we have so many customers who do not like to watch from the sidelines, but actually take the lead and now buy our MSC -60°C tuna. Better quality, cheaper, more stable quality and supply and better for the environment.

In addition, we have had a new much larger -60°C storage built. Our first storage was outdated and we wanted a more sustainable cold store, in line with our values. The new storage consumes 45% less power and is therefore a lot more environmentally friendly! So if you want top quality tuna without those ridiculous additives, at a better and more stable price that is not only better for your health, but also better for the environment, please let us know!